Peer-to-peer and community-based markets: A comprehensive review

Elsevier, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Volume 104, April 2019
Sousa T., Soares T., Pinson P., Moret F., Baroche T., Sorin E.
The advent of more proactive consumers, the so-called “prosumers” with production and storage capabilities, is empowering the consumers and bringing new opportunities and challenges to the operation of power systems in a market environment. Recently, a novel proposal for the design and operation of electricity markets has emerged: these so-called peer-to-peer (P2P) electricity markets conceptually allow the prosumers to directly share their electrical energy and investment. Such P2P markets rely on a consumer-centric and bottom-up perspective by giving the opportunity to consumers to freely choose the way they buy their electric energy. A community can also be formed by prosumers who want to collaborate, or in terms of operational energy management. This paper contributes with an overview of these new P2P markets that starts with the motivation, challenges, market designs moving to the potential future developments in this field, providing recommendations while considering a test-case.