Pharmacist provision of medication abortion: A pilot study

Elsevier, Contraception, Volume 131, March 2024
Sandoval S., Rafie S., Kully G., Mody S., Averbach S.

Objectives: This study aimed to perform a “proof of concept” pilot and assess patient satisfaction of pharmacist provision of medication abortion utilizing an implementation toolkit. Study design: Pharmacists completed an online and in-person training followed by an online assessment prior to participating in the pilot. Pharmacists provided medication abortion care using a “no-test” protocol and an implementation toolkit. Participants were administered 200 mg of mifepristone orally on the day of their abortion visit and instructed to take 800 mcg of misoprostol buccally 24 to 48 hours later (with an additional 800 mcg buccally 4 hours after the first dose for patients 63–70 days' gestation). Visits were completed in person in a private room adjacent to the pharmacy. We assessed the rate of completed abortions and any complications. Following their abortion, patients completed a brief interviewer-administered survey and semistructured qualitative interview. Results: Ten patients completed medication abortion visits. Nine of 10 participants had complete abortions. One participant identified that she did not pass her pregnancy and underwent an in-office aspiration. One participant visited an emergency department for pain and received pain medication. No serious adverse events occurred. All patients completed the postabortion survey, and all were “very satisfied” with their abortion experience. Nine patients completed postabortion interviews. Conclusions: In this pilot study, pharmacists were successful at providing medication abortion to patients. Satisfaction was high, and complications were uncommon. Implications: Patients were highly satisfied with pharmacist provision of medication abortion and are likely to utilize this service if available.