The potential role of nutrition in mitigating the psychological impact of COVID-19 in healthcare workers

Elsevier, NFS Journal, Volume 22, March 2021
Maffoni S.I., Kalmpourtzidou, Cena H.
Healthcare professionals are exposed to several stress factors, especially during health emergency situations like Covid-19. Psychological distress in the COVID-19 era adversely affects both healthcare professionals' mental and physical health, decreasing performance and efficiency at work. Nevertheless, no sufficient emphasis has been placed so far on the role of nutrition against stress and anxiety among healthcare professionals. Consequently, worksite health promotion approaches and interventions are highly recommended, but also National Health Systems are praised to develop strategies and policies to satisfy nutritional requirements in health emergencies such as Covid-19 pandemic. In this brief paper, the important role of nutrition during periods of stress is highlighted, providing nutritional advice to enhance resilience in this risk group. In addition, practical lifestyle and diet tips for stress management among healthcare professionals exposed to Covid-19 are reported in this mini review.