Public availability of HIV-1 drug resistance sequence and treatment data: a systematic review

Elsevier, The Lancet Microbe, Volume 3, May 2022
Rhee S.-Y., Kassaye S.G., Jordan M.R., Kouamou V., Katzenstein D., Shafer R.W.

HIV-1 pol sequences from antiretroviral therapy (ART)-naive and ART-experienced people living with HIV-1 are fundamental to understanding the genetic correlates and epidemiology of HIV-1 drug resistance (HIVDR). To assess the public availability of HIV-1 pol sequences and ART histories of the individuals from whom sequenced viruses were obtained, we performed a systematic review of PubMed and GenBank for HIVDR studies published between 2010 and 2019 that reported HIV-1 pol sequences. 934 studies met inclusion criteria, including 461 studies of ART-naive adults, 407 of ART-experienced adults, and 66 of ART-naive and ART-experienced children. Sequences were available for 317 (68·8%) studies of ART-naive individuals, 190 (46·7%) of ART-experienced individuals, and 45 (68·2%) of children. Among ART-experienced individuals, sequences plus linked ART histories were available for 82 (20·1%) studies. Sequences were available for 21 (29·2%) of 72 clinical trials. Among journals publishing more than ten studies, the proportion with available sequences ranged from 8·3% to 86·9%. Strengthened implementation of data sharing policies is required to increase the number of studies with available HIVDR data to support the enterprise of global ART in the face of emerging HIVDR.