The relationship between ethnicity and service access, treatment uptake and the incidence of psychosis among people at ultra high risk for psychosis

Elsevier, Psychiatry Research, Volume 272, February 2019
Byrne M., Codjoe L., Morgan C., Stahl D., Day F., Fearon P. et al.
Black ethnicity is associated with increased risk for psychosis in South London. This study explored the distribution of ethnicity among services users at ultra high risk for psychosis (UHR) and examined the influence of ethnicity on service access, treatment uptake and incidence of psychosis. The ethnic distribution of 228 people at UHR for psychosis, seen in an early detection clinical service over 10 years, was compared with 146 people with first episode psychosis from the same geographic region and census figures for the local population. Black service users were significantly over-represented in the UHR group compared to the background population (34% vs 21%; p