Review of oceanic mesoscale processes in the North Pacific: Physical and biogeochemical impacts

Elsevier, Progress in Oceanography, Volume 212, March 2023
Ueno H., Bracco A., Barth J.A., Budyansky M.V., Hasegawa D., Itoh S. et al.

Physical transport dynamics occurring at the ocean mesoscale (∼20 km – 200 km) largely determine the environment in which biogeochemical processes occur. As a result, understanding and modeling mesoscale transport is crucial for determining the physical modulations of the marine ecosystem. This review synthesizes current knowledge of mesoscale eddies and their impacts on the marine ecosystem across most of the North Pacific and its marginal Seas. The North Pacific domain north of 20°N is divided in four regions, and for each region known, unknowns and known-unknowns are summarized with a focus on physical properties, physical-biogeochemical interactions, and the impacts of climate variability and change on the eddy field and on the marine ecosystem.