Revitalising sensualities of ageing with Parkinson's through dance

Elsevier, Journal of Aging Studies, Volume 59, December 2021
Christensen-Stryno M.B., Phillips L., Frolunde L.
Dance for Parkinson's can be characterised as a growing social movement which has become a worldwide phenomenon that gives rise to new questions about the meaning and importance of dance in relation to intersecting and overlapping identity categories of ageing and chronic conditions. In this article, we probe into the potentially constructive interplay between the lived experiences of Parkinson's dance as a space of revitalised sensuality and the cultural imaginations and values connected to the nexus between ageing and chronic conditions. Through a dialogic interpretive framework that recognises and ascribes value to the embodied experiences of Parkinson's dancers, we analyse how the experiences of living with Parkinson's as a chronic condition in the context of ageing are in interplay with the experiences of dancing as an embodied sensual activity. Consequently, we propose that, by emphasising the critical value of stories told by Parkinson's dancers, we are able to gain a more nuanced understanding of how Parkinson's dance affects the nexus between ageing and chronic conditions in revitalising and sensual ways.