Scenarios and Models to Support Global Conservation Targets

Elsevier, Trends in Ecology and Evolution, Volume 34, January 2019
Nicholson E., Fulton E.A., Brooks T.M., Blanchard R., Leadley P., Metzger J.P. et al.
Global biodiversity targets have far-reaching implications for nature conservation worldwide. Scenarios and models hold unfulfilled promise for ensuring such targets are well founded and implemented; here, we review how they can and should inform the Aichi Targets of the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity and their reformulation. They offer two clear benefits: providing a scientific basis for the wording and quantitative elements of targets; and identifying synergies and trade-offs by accounting for interactions between targets and the actions needed to achieve them. The capacity of scenarios and models to address complexity makes them invaluable for developing meaningful targets and policy, and improving conservation outcomes.