The Skinner Burial of Ontario, Canada, and the Question of Paget's Disease in the Americas

Elsevier, International Journal of Paleopathology, Volume 32, March 2021
Spence M.W., Fox W.A., Gardner J., Beauchesne P.

Purpose: To examine a possible case of Paget's disease of bone (PDB) in an Indigenous pre-contact male from Canada, individual D of the Skinner site in Ontario. Methods: Radiographs, CT scan and histological analysis. Results: The histological analysis revealed the mosaic pattern that characterizes PDB. CT scans show advanced sclerosis of the cranium and a diminished diplӧe with osteolytic lesions. Conclusions: The pathological features that have been identified are collectively characteristic of PDB. Significance: The Skinner case advances our understanding of the global history and distribution of PDB. Limitations of Study: Only two New World cases have been identified and neither has been studied in sufficient detail. Suggestions for Future Research: The older individuals in precolonial New World skeletal series should be given CT scans, which are non-intrusive, to be followed by histological and genetic analyses when indicated.