Two Different Primary Care Approaches for Caring for People With Dementia and Their Families

Elsevier, Journal for Nurse Practitioners, Volume 16, 1 November 2020
Palumbo M.V., Rambur B.
This study explored an established primary care–based dementia pathway in New Zealand (NZ) and nurse practitioner dementia diagnosis and care in 1 small United States state that has adopted a value-based delivery model. Central to the NZ model was the education of primary care providers, clear delineation of specialists’ support and referral pathways, and routine and predictable family carer respite. The US respondents reported that the essential resources necessary to support the diagnosis and management of dementia were lacking. The primary care of older adults may increasingly be provided by nurse practitioners in the US, and the structured NZ pathway offers a promising approach to adopt in the US. Potential strategies for implementation are detailed.