Water resources management to achieve sustainable development in Azerbaijan

Figure showing the institutional structure in water resources management in Azerbaijan.
Elsevier, Sustainable Futures, Volume 2, January 2020
Ahmadov E.

Azerbaijan are based on the principles of innovative management and this trend is the basis of transition to a sustainable green economy. In this regard, sustainable water management become one of the most important factors to build an inclusive society and to achieve sustainable management in state. National Program for Sustainable Socio-Economic Development in Azerbaijan covers the periods of 2004-–2018, 2018–2025. One of the sections of the Program is fully devoted to water policy issues. At the present stage, for the sustainable development of the region, it is necessary to ensure the country's water safety by improving the efficiency of water management and consumption. In this paper my objective is to analyze the water management in Azerbaijan. In particular, the degree of efficiency of the institutions and the tariff structure to give recommendations for future development. I argue that public policy should be focused on identifying those factors that seek effective management of water resources, uncover several laws, ensuring sustainable development. Furthermore, I take into account that in order to achieve sustainable management an integrated approach to the urban water supply, irrigation needs, industry, water tariffs and its secondary use, the impact of water on export potential is key factor. Finally, I analyzed transboundary water cooperation within regional context as Azerbaijan, Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Iran, Azerbaijan-EU and Azerbaijan-UN partnership on the water field. The method of the research is based on a technical-legal analysis of the statistical data on water sector in Azerbaijan, which is drawn up by the Cabinet of Ministers, Ministry of Economy, Water Resources Agency (WRA), Ministry of Emergency Situations, and other regulatory authorities such as Azersu, Amelioration and irrigation institutions. Further the irrigation and water demand figures analyzed in detail.