What Is Really Needed to Provide Effective, Person-Centered Care for Behavioral Expressions of Dementia? Guidance from The Alzheimer's Association Dementia Care Provider Roundtable

Elsevier, Journal of the American Medical Directors Association, Volume 21, November 2020
Fazio S., Zimmerman S., Doyle P.J., Shubeck E., Carpenter M., Coram P. et al.
In April, 2019, the Alzheimer's Association Dementia Care Provider Roundtable convened to discuss common challenges faced when implementing person-centered, non-pharmacological practices in long-term care and other settings that provide care and programs for persons living with dementia, and to develop relevant, specific guidance from the perspective of administrative leaders from 23 long-term and community-based care provider organizations (representing home, community-based, and residential care). Guidance related to 5 practice areas emerged from the facilitated discussion: having a foundational person-centered culture, conceptualizing behaviors as expressions and focusing on behavioral support, identifying antecedents and placing person-centeredness before protocols, modifying training to promote person-centered culture, and valuing implementation flexibility. In developing the practice guidance, a related list of priority areas for research and policy were also identified.