Artificial Intelligence Applications for Sustainable Construction - Chapter 2 : Application of artificial intelligence in sustainable construction

A secret eye toward the latest civil engineering techniques

Elsevier, Artificial Intelligence Applications for Sustainable Construction, 2024, pp 75-91
Mor N., Kumar P., Madhu, Jat G.L., Kumar A.

Today's era is much more oriented toward the demand for smart cities. The development of any smart city primarily depends on the construction of new infrastructure and the upgradation of existing ones. In this field, the major problem is the availability of material and its efficient utilization. This study tries to explore the trending concept of artificial intelligence (AI) and its momentum in the world of work starting from its basic concept and background, followed by the latest trends and previous studies on it and its emerging themes with future directions. A comparison between construction using the concept of AI and the status quo (present trend) has been done. “Intelligent Concrete Prediction” and “Building Design in terms of High--Performance and Decision-Making” have been critically examined. Applications of AI and all sectors where its study corridor may be extended have been discussed. A detailed working process of AI in smart construction is presented. In a nutshell, this deep analysis examines the present construction method and accordingly detects emerging trends in this field. The detailed and thorough study proved that AI has proved to be an asset in managing resources effectively, and the study recommends the use of AI in smart and sustainable construction.