Biomarkers of Postpartum Psychiatric Disorders - Chapter 7 - Genetics of perinatal obsessive–compulsive disorder: A focus on past genetic studies to inform future inquiry

Elsevier, Biomarkers of Postpartum Psychiatric Disorders, 2020, Pages 95-109
Lindsay R.Standeven, Gerald Nestadt, and Jack Samuels

Although the genetic etiology of obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD) has been extensively studied, far less is known about OCD or obsessive–compulsive symptoms (OCS) occurring in the perinatal period (pOCD and pOCS, respectively). Emerging research on the genetics of postpartum depression (PPD) has relied on existing genetic studies of major depressive disorder to examine exciting overlaps as well as key differences in the etiology of depression occurring outside of the perinatal period. A similar examination is needed of the existing research on the genetic factors of OCD and how these may influence future genetic research on pOCD and pOCS. This chapter will provide an overview of the scientific literature supporting a genetic basis for OCD and examine possible overlaps between the genetic literature on PPD and that on OCD to inform future research inquiries into the genetic underpinnings of perinatal OCD.