Chapter 1 - Alzheimer’s disease preliminary screening in zebrafish integrating behavioral models and molecular markers

Elsevier, Handbook of Animal Models in Neurological Disorders, First Edition, 2022, pp 3-16
Baban S Thawkar, Meheli Banerjee, Ginpreet Kaur

There is a critical need to explore novel drugs for Alzheimer’s disease. Zebrafish are a valuable model for investigating various behaviors’ genetic and molecular mechanisms, rendering them an excellent comparative model. It has a well-conserved, basic fundamental nervous system and a fully established genome with a nucleotide sequence comparable to other animal models. In addition, zebrafish show various behavioral patterns related to those observed in humans. The integration of behavioral and transgenetic models is needed for screening Alzheimer’s disease because a single model does not provide a comprehensive view. Thus, the chapter highlights the recent behavior and transgenic models for screening Alzheimer’s disease in zebrafish.