Chapter 10 - Underlining the Role of Data Science and Technology in Supporting Supply Chains, Political Stability and Health Networks During Pandemics

Elsevier, Surveying the Covid-19 Pandemic and its Implications, Urban Health, Data Technology and Political Economy, 2020, Pages 129-139
Zahee Allam PhD, MBA, MA

This chapter explores how data science and technology has been key in fighting COVID-19 through early detection and in the devising of tools for containing the spread. Interestingly, two precedence constraints are seen to emerge. First, data-driven modeling is the leading policy at an urban and national level, and second, legislations, which are being passed at record speed, will remain as a legacy postvirus. It is expected that those will accelerate the digital transition of communities for decades to come and lead to a resurgence of the smart cities concept which peaked in 2015. This chapter thus outlines the increasing role of data science in health sciences, the need for more robust digital infrastructures, and the role of technology in supporting livability of communities and world order.