Chapter 12 - The green economy to support women’s empowerment: social work approach for climate change adaptation toward sustainability development

Elsevier, Climate Change, Community Response and Resilience, 2023, pp 225-240
Setiawan H.H., Wismayanti Y.F.

Climate change will affect all human life in the next few decades. This chapter is a case study of implementing a green economy through social entrepreneurship programs for women in Indonesia. Green economic practices aim to improve family welfare by paying attention to the environment. Women are one group that is vulnerable to this. The social work approach is used to empower women to be able to adapt to climate change. The method used in this study is descriptive quantitative data obtained through in-depth interviews and focus group discussions. Sampling with a confidence level of 99% and an alpha value of 0.05, the number of samples was 509 respondents spread across five locations. This chapter will explain the approach of social workers in providing awareness and behavior change for women in dealing with climate change. This chapter contributes to developing the science of social work in adapting to climate change.