Chapter 2 - The critical roles of behavior analysis and person-centeredness

Promoting Desired Lifestyles Among Adults with Severe Autism and Intellectual Disabilities Person Centered Applications of Behavior Analysis, 2023, Pages 15-34
Dennis H. Reid, Mary Rosswurm

This chapter focuses on how behavior analysis principles and procedures can be synthesized with the concept and practices of person-centeredness to promote desired lifestyles among adults with severe autism and intellectual disabilities. Initially, an overview of the development of behavior analytic and person-centered approaches with people who have severe disabilities is presented. The contentious relationship that has existed at times between the two approaches is also explained, along with how the contention either has or can be resolved within provision of supports and services. An example of such resolution is illustrated with application of behavior analysis within a positive behavior support context. The chapter concludes with emphasizing the need to expand the synthesized application of behavior analysis and person-centeredness within more adult service agencies. How forthcoming chapters will present person-centered applications of behavior analysis strategies developed through research to promote desired lifestyles among adults with severe disabilities is likewise emphasized.