Climate Change, Community Response and Resilience - Chapter 18: Climate change and flood: vulnerability and community resilience

Elsevier, Climate Change, Community Response and Resilience, 2023, Pages 345-360
Henny Warsilah, Sahid Noor Choerunnisa

From the perspective of climate change, cities play a central role as 'causes' and as 'affected' by climate change. Cities with various economic activities are the biggest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. Cities are also centers of population concentration with three-quarters of the population living in them, making cities the most vulnerable places to be affected by climate change. This paper aims to analyze the transformation of the smart city concept into a resilient city facing climate change and socio-ecological crises. Data obtained from research results with qualitative methods. Data collection was carried out through focused discussions and in-depth interviews. The city of Semarang was chosen as the research location because it is a coastal city that is prone to disasters. The novelty of this paper is to develop urban governance that strengthens smart and resilient communities as a solution for improving the resilience of communities exposed to climate change and socio-ecological crises.