Comprehensive Energy Systems: Chapter 1.18 - Ocean (Marine) Energy

Elsevier, Sang, Yuanrui; Karayaka, Hayrettin Bora;  Yan, Yanjun; Yilmaz, Nadir; Souders, David. 1.18 "Ocean (Marine) Energy", Editor: Ibrahim Dincer, Comprehensive Energy Systems, Elsevier (2018), Pages 733-769, ISBN: 9780128149256.
Yuanrui Sang, Hayrettin Bora Karayaka, Yanjun Yan, Nadir Yilmaz, David Souders

Marine energy is one of the most widely available types of renewable energy – 71% of the Earth that is covered by oceans could potentially satisfy the electricity demands of the whole world. Marine energy encompasses wave energy, tidal energy, ocean thermal energy, osmotic energy, and ocean current energy; most marine energy harnessing technologies are still in their infancy. The promising prospect of marine energy attracts worldwide attention from researchers and industry developers. This article introduces the state of the art of marine energy and discusses its economic and environmental impacts.