Electric Vehicles for Smart Cities - Chapter 6: Electric vehicle capitals – case studies

Elsevier, Electric Vehicles for Smart Cities, Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities, 2021, Pages 181-247
Evanthia A. Nanaki

Electromobility is going to play a dominant role in the energy transition to a low-carbon transportation system. As of early 2017, global cumulative electric vehicle sales had surpassed 2 million units, with growth continuing in the major markets of China, Europe, and the United States. National and local governments in each of these markets continue to support this growth to help achieve energy conservation, climate change, local air quality, and industrial development goals. This chapter investigates the electric vehicle market as well as relative driving actions of different cities around the world. The assessment identifies exemplary practices, and discerns links between various electric vehicle promotion actions and electric vehicle sales. This chapter provides an update on the cities around the world with the largest electric vehicle markets, taking into consideration the factors that have influenced recent developments in electric mobility, the dynamics behind the rapid evolution, the impacts on future prospects to 2030 for electrification and the implications for policy developments. In addition to analyzing the electric vehicle sales and charging infrastructure in these markets, the unique policies, actions, and programs in place that have enabled these successes are identified.