Encyclopedia of Modern Optics, Second Edition - Conjugated polymer-based solar cells

Elsevier, Encyclopedia of Modern Optics, Volume 1-5, 1 January 2018
Li G., Budiawan W., Wang P.-C., Chu C.W.

Organic conjugated polymers-based solar cells (OPVs) have distinct features such as low cost production, lightweight, flexibility, electronic functional versatility from chemical synthesis, roll-to-roll compatible large area fabrication, (semi) transparency and potentially environmental friendly, etc. The performance of OPV has been greatly improved in last decade, now reaching over 12%. This chapter provides a concise review of polymer solar cell technology - from the OPV physical processes, working principles, active layer donor polymer and acceptor materials design and progress, morphology control approaches, interface materials and device architectures, to tandem and visibly transparent OPV devices.