Encyclopedia of Pharmacy Practice and Clinical Pharmacy: Role of Pharmacists in Responding to Humanitarian Crisis

Elsevier, Encyclopedia of Pharmacy Practice and Clinical Pharmacy, 2019, Pages 317-324
Huma Rasheed, Hafiz Awais Nawaz, Alia Zafar Rao, and Syed Khalid Saeed Bukhari

Medical and pharmaceutical responses are crucial for saving precious lives during any humanitarian crisis. These responses include provision of both supplies as well as skilled human resource. Increasing number of humanitarian crisis situations are happening due to natural (owing to global warming, climatic change, and natural geographic processes) as well as global sociopolitical scenario with rising number of unresolved conflicts, economic turmoils, and international disputes. Hence, health professional's response to humanitarian crisis have evolved as a permanent feature of the global health-care scene. Pharmacists as the essential member of health care team, are incorporated in the health system network globally, also including their presence in the emergency conditions. The role of pharmacist is transforming globally to patient-centered approach. Similarly, in emergency medicine, pharmacists have not only struggled to advance their role in the logistic management but also focussed on rationality and safety, in accordance with the needs of the population.