Encyclopedia of Renewable and Sustainable Materials - Local Food and Healthy Eating for Wholesome Life: Some Policy Considerations

Elsevier, Encyclopedia of Renewable and Sustainable Materials, Volume 5, 2020, Pages 422-430
Ishwari S. Bisht

The food we eat plays a huge role in our ability to keep our physical, mental, emotional, and psychological health in balance. Further, it is being greatly recognized now that without mental health there can be no true physical health. Awareness of the contents of our consumption is the first step in moving towards a healthier diet and therefore, a healthier body. The traditional food systems with high dietary diversity has the power to provide the desired nutrition for perfect physical and mental health and keep the body and mind away from nutritional stress. As traditional food habits are still playing a great role in contemporary food habits of native communities, the possibility of reversing the trends in favor of dietary diversification from dietary simplification looks promising with enabling policies.