Encyclopedia of Renewable and Sustainable Materials - Use of Clayey Salty Soils and its Composite Derivatives for Construction and Ceramics for Household Use in the Thar Desert in India

Elsevier, Encyclopedia of Renewable and Sustainable Materials, Volume 1, 2020, Pages 936-948
Amrita Kaurwar, Raj K. Satankar, Lovelesh Dave, Sandeep Gupta, Jerry Oomen, Mohammad Sharey, Suyog Bodhankar, and Anand K. Plappally

This chapter delineates the sustained use of soils of the Western Rajasthan in technologies relevant to rural household construction, soil and water use management. The significance of blends of an equal volume ratio of clayey soil and carbonaceous organic matter are established across distinct applications. The material and physical properties of aesthetic shelves, ceramic water filters, cruse and hybrid natural composites are exemplified and discussed elaborately.