Environmental Water Requirements in Mountainous Areas - Chapter 7: Sustainable use of mountain water resources

Elsevier, Environmental Water Requirements in Mountainous Areas, 2021, Pages 281-292
Christina Papadaki

Sustainable use of mountain water resources is important for both humans and global mountain biodiversity in the economic and social context of human progress. Particular attention should be given in the water resources coming from the mountain areas. Sustainability has been previously used as a term to describe a concern related to preservation of natural resources for future. Relation between human development and the need to manage resources formulates as a principle to design a dialog respect to environmental needs. A limited number of studies have been published on mountain water uses and sustainability. Most studies are focused on examining prevention, diversions, and mountain water storage during floods or droughts. However, insights into water use, as well as employing state-of-the-art technologies, are very important from both a technological standpoint and as elements of practical sustainable solutions. The interplay between academics, policy makers, and decision makers is important in expanding the scientific knowledge of mountain regions and the ways that water resources could be used in a more sustainable way.