Evidence-Informed Approaches for Managing Dementia Transitions - Chapter 5: Hospitalization of persons with dementia

Elsevier, Evidence-informed Approaches for Managing Dementia Transitions: Riding the Waves, Volume , 4 February 2020
McGilton K.S., Lemay G.

Persons with dementia are at risk of an increased number of admissions to acute care and to poor experiences during their stay, in part because of their cognitive challenges. However, they are also at risk of an increased number of hardships related to the healthcare system teams' lack of understanding and management of the impact of the dementia on patients' ability to operate within an acute care hospital setting. This chapter describes the prevalence of dementia in hospitalized patients, reasons for hospitalizations, and risks to older people with dementia in hospitals. Strategies for optimizing outcomes and models of care that are designed to improve care of persons with dementia and their care partners are described to assist healthcare team members working with this unique population.