Foundations of Sleep Health - Chapter 10: Determinants and health consequences of modifiable sleep health disparities

Elsevier, Foundations of Sleep Health 2022, Pages 199-237
Chandra L .Jackson

Socially disadvantaged groups with restricted self-determination or autonomy are disproportionately burdened by poor sleep health, which likely contributes to disparities in the wide array of commonly observed, recalcitrant poor health outcomes. The aim of this chapter is to identify and summarize the thrust of the evidence regarding sleep health disparities among mainly racial/ethnic minorities as well as summarize both determinants that are largely modifiable and health consequences of sleep health disparities using selective studies as key examples. To better conceptualize how societal ills can produce observable biological differences across socially constructed groups, I use the socioecological framework with a life-course perspective as a conceptual model to frame the biological embodiment of social disadvantage in ways that can lead to sleep disparities and its health sequelae. Directions for future research will center around a range of potentially effective interventions and research approaches to address sleep health disparities in order to achieve sleep equity.