Global Mental Health and Neuroethics - Chapter 9: Global mental health and the treatment gap: A human rights and neuroethics concern

Elsevier, Global Mental Health and Neuroethics, Volume , 16 January 2020
Karen Herrera-Ferrá

The mental health treatment gap is a human rights concern that is not restricted to low and middle-income countries. Awareness of the treatment gap has prompted mental health advocates to address socio-economic issues, as well as attitudinal barriers. Indeed, attention should also be given to neurocognitive processes that are involved in the perception and evaluation of mental health-related concepts. I argue that such neurocognitive processes might influence the prioritization and funding of mental health services, and might also influence the approach of those with mental disorders to appropriate services. I propose that it may be possible to draw on current knowledge and practices in education, in order to facilitate efforts in global mental health to address the mental health treatment gap within a human rights framework.