Handbook of Mental Health and Aging - Chapter 22: Psychotherapeutic interventions with older adults: Now and into the future

Elsevier, Handbook of Mental Health and Aging, Volume , 1 January 2020
Leander K. Mitchell and Nancy A. Pachana

This chapter will explore the utility of various therapeutic modalities, including their method of delivery, in working with older adults. While research focused on the efficacy of therapy when working with older adults has gradually increased over the past few decades, there continues to be a shortfall of research in so-called “third-wave” cognitive behavior therapy modalities, as well as insufficient research on efficacy in relatively older patients, particularly those over the age of 75. In terms of the extant research, studies tend to rely on small participant numbers and randomized controlled trials are lacking. Nevertheless, the evidence-base that does exist around the efficacy of a range of therapeutic modalities with older adults is positive. Ongoing research and innovative study designs, with an increasing breadth of older persons, should continue to underscore the benefits and remaining questions regarding best-practice approaches for this population.