Health and social care services organization for older adults

A Campaign For Deconditioning Awareness—“Sit up… Get dressed… keep on moving…”.
Elsevier, Encyclopedia of Biomedical Gerontology, 2020, Pages 210-222
McNeela N., Arora A., Crome P.

Geriatric medicine is a complex speciality treating any condition experienced in the over 65s. With the changing demographic of older age and increasing life expectancy, it has evolved into a speciality of multimorbidity; treating chronic disease and frailty, while attempting to prevent deconditioning. The Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment remains gold standard treatment, improving life expectancy and reducing risk of progression to a care home in those who receive the complete assessment. In addition, social care has also adapted with increased focus on community care and facilitation of independent living. Personalized care plans and named care coordinators are now standard to ensure the older adult receives the care they need along with a plan for expected deteriorations. However both the health and social sectors are under increasing strain both financially and from increased numbers. Coordinated health and social care integration is the only solution to this problem and pilots are in place assessing the viability of this. Technology can also help and companies are developing assistance aids through robotics and artificial intelligence. By complete integration and implementation of the above each older person can receive the gold standard health and social care.