Land Reclamation and Restoration Strategies for Sustainable Development: Chapter 1 - Emergence and challenges of land reclamation: issues and prospect

Elsevier, Modern Cartography Series, Volume 10, 2021, Pages 1-15
Gouri Sankar Bhunia, Uday Chatterjee, and Pravat Kumar Shit

As the rapid development of population would lead to increasing demand for food and land resources, some issues such as deforestation, land restoration from lakes, and the recuperation of grassland can be worse and lead to a ferocious cycle. Landscape reclamation is meant for urban development, road building, housing, crude oil, and sand mining. Both government and private organizations perform reclamation. This chapter reviews issues and challenges of land reclamation process and the strategic solution proposed for its sustainable development. This chapter also illustrates challenges related to recovery processes that are investigated using remote sensing and Geographical Information System technology. Finally, an in-depth assessment of the findings was analyzed that might not only avoid the risk of reclaiming the land but also help to supervise and manage it.