Oceans and Human Health (Second Edition) - Chapter 1: Overview of Oceans and Human Health

Elsevier, Oceans and Human Health, Second Edition, 2024, pp 1-20
Fleming L.E., Rabbottini L., Depledge M.H., Alcantara-Creencia L., Gerwick W.H., Goh H.C. et al.

Oceans and Human Health is a transdisciplinary area of research and training, whose underlying principles are that the health of the Oceans is essential to the health and well-being of humans, and that human actions directly and indirectly affect Ocean health. In this chapter, we provide an overview of the definitions, frameworks, history and current issues of this area, and the vision of this book. We specifically stress the importance of considering both the benefits and the risks, as well as diversity, equity, and the inclusion of stakeholders and communities, in the transdisciplinary research and training regarding Oceans and Human Health now and in the future.