Pediatric Clinics of North America - The Health Care Provider's Role in Addressing Adolescent Relationship Abuse

Elsevier, Pediatric Clinics of North America, Volume 70, Issue 6, 2023, Pages 1087-1102
Jarvis L., Randell K.A.

Adolescent relationship abuse (ARA) is highly prevalent and may include sexual, psychological, and cyber abuse, and reproductive coercion.
ARA, as well as other trauma and stressors, should be considered when adolescents have mental health concerns, school difficulties, somatic complaints, substance abuse, sexually transmitted infections, or pregnancy.
Health care providers have opportunity for ARA prevention using a universal education approach that provides information on healthy and unhealthy relationship behaviors and ARA resources.
Adolescents should be made aware of any limits to patient-provider confidentiality and provided opportunity for resource connection that is not disclosure dependent.
A shared decision-making approach when responding to ARA disclosure may facilitate patient-provider trust, safety, resource utilization, and adolescent autonomy.