Practical Stress Management - Chapter 2: Enhancing awareness about managing stress

Elsevier, Practical Stress Management (Eighth Edition) A Comprehensive Workbook 2022, Pages 23-48
John A. Romas and Manoj Sharma

This chapter covers both knowledge and awareness about managing stress. Applications for stress management include the health belief model, social cognitive theory, and multitheory model of health behavioral change. Stress affects all of us in many ways. Acute manifestations of stress predominately affect the body, while chronic stress will eventually have adverse consequences on the mind. Acute and chronic effects of stress are associated with numerous diseases, thus it is important to recognize symptoms. Dealing with expectations, change, and catastrophic disasters like COVID-19 are described in the chapter. This chapter includes important terms defined and explores four websites. Thoughts for Reflection focus on commitment and happiness. There are nine worksheets: (1) how your body reacts to acute stress, (2) do you suffer from chronic stress, (3) thought identification, (4) stress awareness log, (5) stress and tension test, (6) personal stress test, (7) Patient Health Questionnaire-9, (8) sense of coherence test, and (9) college student hardiness measure.