Present Knowledge in Food Safety - Chapter 18: Emerging contaminants related to plastic and microplastic pollution

Elsevier, Present Knowledge in Food Safety: A Risk-Based Approach through the Food Chain, Volume 1, 1 January 2022
Haindongo N.N.K., Breen C.J., Neretin L.

The presence of plastic particles in food systems, which are a critical pathway for human exposure to these particles, represents a potentially dangerous, yet unclear threat to both food safety and food security. This section provides an overview of the food safety hazards related to microplastic pollution in food and agricultural systems. This includes the potential for human exposure to micro/nanoplastics pollution via food systems, the potential adverse chemical, physical, and other effects that this exposure may induce, as well as the current research gaps that constrain knowledge in this field. Future research directions are subsequently proffered. Addressing these knowledge gaps is critical, given the current magnitude of plastic pollution, as well as its projected increase, and will be crucial for ensuring global food safety and security in the long term and meeting societal goals such as the SDGs.