Protocol Handbook for Cancer Biology: Chapte 6: Isolation and characterization of cancer stem cells

Elsevier, Protocol Handbook for Cancer Biology, 2021, Pages 87-105
Ravi Thakur, Niti Kumari, and Durga Prasad Mishra

Studying cancer stem cells (CSCs) are important for understanding tumor biology and pathogenesis. CSCs are involved in tumor initiation, progression, and relapse. Higher stem cell load in tumors is often reflective of aggressiveness and therapy-resistant phenotype. Compounds targeting CSCs have shown potential in preclinical settings by increasing the efficacy of existing and experimental chemotherapeutic regimens. Identification and isolation of CSCs can help in assessing the aggressiveness of a tumor and testing the efficacy of existing and experimental therapies. This chapter will detail basic protocols to identify and isolate CSCs from various tumor types.