Sustainable Energy Transition for Cities - Chapter 9 - Net-Zero Energy City Planning

Elsevier, Sustainable Energy Transition for Cities, 2022, Pages 141-194
Miguel Amad, Francesca Poggi

The operationalization of a Net-Zero Energy City depends on identifying and aggregating parameters, contributing to the development and consolidation of an energy-efficient model. Based on this framework, planning for a Net-Zero Energy City focuses on parametric modeling at the urban scale, designing and structuring an operating process that leads to integrating geographical data in Geographical Information Systems and parameters associated with the built environment in Building Information Modeling within a unique E-CITY platform. As a result, a set of parameters, operational strategies, and guidelines elaborated considering the different urban planning and design levels is presented. This framework leads to draw pathways toward planning a Net-Zero Energy City, operationalized throughout the E-CITY platform.