Translational Biotechnology: Chapter 3: Advanced biotechnology-based therapeutics

Elsevier, Translational Biotechnology, 2021, Pages 53-77
Srividhya Ravichandran and Gaurav Verma

The role of biotechnology as a forerunner in the pathway of revolution of human lives has been promising in the recent past. The achievements of biotechnology in the bio-medical front encompass various products like novel vaccines, diagnostic devices, and novel therapeutic strategies. This chapter deals with the principles and processes involved in the attainment of therapeutic tools and treatment methods toward the clinical management of diseases. This chapter also deals with the recent advancements in the various technologies that have led to the discovery of these biotechnological tools used in the biomedical sciences. A candidate drug to pass various stages in its evolution has major pitfalls and crucial steps involved in the same. In this context, this chapter throws light on the various processes involved in the management of various biotechnological tools in translational medicine, which has its emergence from the laboratory and takes a long journey to reach the clinic and patient’s bedside. The therapeutic advances in various tools, devices, vaccines, and biologics are also given importance in this chapter along with the basic pharmacological principles involved in the evolution of prevention or a treatment module of a drug.