It is time for governments and investors to prioritise health and care workforce investments as a foundation of our future health and prosperity. We can and must. Urgently.
This Article supports Sustainable Development Goal 3 by estimating the prevalence of dementia in people aged 60 years and older in Bangladesh, finding an overall prevalence of 8%, and identifying positive associations between dementia prevalence and female sex, advanced age, and lower education levels.

The Lancet Psychiatry, Available online 24 August 2023

This insight asserts the right of someone who has had an episode of mental illness to return to their previous employment

The Lancet Psychiatry, Available online 22 August 2023

The commentary offers a proposal to aid the meaningful contribution of all voices in youth mental health research.
This Article supports SDGs 3 and 10 by showing that in Austria, Greece, Spain, and the UK, there is a dearth of targeted, tailored cancer prevention programmes for people experiencing homelessness, and concern from health professionals that cancer is not being spotted at early stages in this population.
The article emphasizes the importance of providing training and supporting resources alongside open science initiatives to enhance accessibility and reduce barriers in the field. It suggests that these educational resources should be customized to cater to diverse user profiles, including neuroscientists, computational scientists, and educators.
Understanding the health of the mother can improve the health of the child.
The study evaluates the use of nanocellulose as a food additive which is obtained from banana.
This Health Policy paper supports SDGs 3, 15, and 17, among others, by exploring the potential values and risks of establishing an Intergovernmental Panel for One Health (IPOH), with the aim of contributing to addressing other global challenges, such as food and water safety and environmental degradation in the context of One Health.