Empowering Communities: Diana's Vision for Sustainable Fishing and Renewable Energy

In this special edition of "The World We Want," Márcia Balisciano interviews Diana Mbogo, the Founder and Managing Director of Millennium Engineers in Tanzania. Diana, an award-winning entrepreneur, focuses on renewable energy solutions and is currently implementing the Sardine Fishing Industry Business Project. The project aims to transition the traditional, environmentally harmful methods of the sardine fishing industry toward more sustainable practices using solar drying facilities. Diana emphasises the critical connection between access to energy, particularly for women, and the broader goal of achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Throughout the discussion, Diana shares her journey, challenges, and the transformative impact of her work on communities, highlighting the positive changes brought about by her innovative approach to the sardine industry.

Diana Mbogo


Diana Mbogo is the Founder and Managing Director of Millennium Engineers – a 100% women founded and led social enterprise that specialises in renewable energy. Their primary focus is identifying untapped energy poverty markets across various sectors. They excel in creating tailored and innovative business solutions by analysing the requirements of specific industries, communities, or business value chains. Currently, Millennium Engineers is implementing the “Sardine Fishing Industry” business project which aims to transition the low-income sardine fishing industry in Lake Victoria, away from pressurised kerosene/LED lead acid powered batteries lamps and conventional methods of sardine drying towards more climate friendly solar drying facilities to ensure sustainable fishing practices in the region.