Children’s Rights and Business Principles: Good Practices per Principle

A sampling of over 50 anonymous good practices gathered from online searches or submitted by UN Global Compact participants in response to our call to share actions and initiatives that their companies are undertaking to respect and support children’s rights. The actions and policies adopted by these companies demonstrate the abundance of ways that business can respect and support children’s rights around the world.

The practices are organized under one of the 10 Principles which it addresses and/or supports, although some practices might also be relevant for multiple Principles. The examples hail from companies representing a broad range of sectors and regions, demonstrating the universal relevance of practicality of the Children’s Rights and Business Principles.

These working examples have not necessarily been reviewed by the companies concerned and may be subject to further editing. Nor have they been through any vetting process. They are intended to raise awareness of the many ways in which business can maximise the positive impacts and minimize the negative impacts on children in the workplace, marketplace and community. We hope they will inspire other businesses to take action to respect and support children’s rights and that this collection of good practices by companies around the world will continue to grow.