Local Approaches to Modern Slavery

United Nations University, New York, March 2019. 
Alison Gardner, Megan Tackney, Nathaniel Erb, Annie Miller and Amanda Finger.

The report was undertaken by Delta 8.7 - The Alliance 8.7 Knowledge Platform, a project of the United Nations University Centre for Policy Research. Delta 8.7 symposia offer experts the opportunity to discuss technical details of their research and receive commentary from the wider research and anti-slavery community. In this Symposium on Local Approaches to Modern Slavery, Dr Alison Gardner, head of the Rights Lab’s Governance Programme, discusses the Slavery-Free Communities Programme’s work, highlighting promising practices in the context of Nottingham and the UK while four other experts - Nathaniel Erb of Erb & Associates, Megan Tackney of Humanity United, and Amanda Finger and Annie Miller of the Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking - respond to Gardner’s work and discuss their own experiences fighting modern slavery and human trafficking on the local level in the United States. Gardner was given the opportunity to respond to the other interventions.