SDG 2 News Graphic

Nexis Newsdesk™ has created graphics on the SDGs and the Global Media Landscape, offering charts & insights into global media coverage of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Global Goal 2 key findings:

  • Six out of the ten leading countries producing SDG 2 content accounted for low/middle-income countries, with China being the leading middle-income country. The leading high-income countries that reported SDG 2 news included Spain, the U.S., the U.K. and Canada.
  • Four percent of reports published in Spain mentioned Zero Hunger in the headline. Spain’s Lavanguardia was the leading source of prominent SDG 2 mentions in the country – despite being the driver of prominent Zero Hunger coverage in Spain, the source published brief articles that highlighted free educational content developed by Junior Report (a Spanish media outlet) in collaboration with Action Against Hunger.
  • American news outlets positively reported the country’s own SDG progress, while they reported progress made in low-income countries with mixed sentiment. Africa was the most prominent low-income region covered by American media.
  • Overall, low-income countries published significantly more progressive, prominent and positive reports about Zero Hunger, as compared to high-income countries. Sources within high-income countries typically included passing mentions of Zero Hunger within their reports, while placing a larger focus on local progress surrounding other SDG’s.
  • Alongside a small percentage of negative coverage published about Africa’s faltering SDG progress, South Africa was the only prominent middle-income country that published progressive stories about how Zero Hunger in Africa can be achieved through innovation. Nigeria, India and Mexico were the leading low/middle-income sources of negative coverage surrounding progress being made nationally.