Classification Algorithms in Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease

Elsevier, EEG-Based Diagnosis of Alzheimer Disease, A Review and Novel Approaches for Feature Extraction and Classification Techniques, 2018, Pages 61-71
Nilesh Kulkarni, Vinayak Bairagi

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an emerging component of computer science, which tries to make computers more intelligent. Hence, Machine Learning is one of the most rapidly emerging parts of AI. Machine Learning algorithms were designed since the past and used to analyze large datasets in medical field. Presently, Machine Learning algorithms serve as indispensable tools for data analysis. It can be regarded as the most rapidly growing field, which integrates intersection of computer science and statistics, involving use of AI and data science. In this chapter, we focus on various Machine Learning algorithms, which can be used for classification of EEG datasets into two groups, namely Alzheimer’s disease and healthy groups. It can be concluded that progression in advanced computing and AI, medical analysis, and classification of data is become simpler and easy.