Supporting the creation of a Gender Summit Network with Portia

The Role of Gender-based Innovations for the UN Sustainable Development Goals: Toward 2030: Better Science and Technology for All (Edition 1)
Elsevier, Elsevier Foundation, 14 November, 2016

How do sex and gender issues fit into the UN Sustainable Development Goals agenda?  This was a question which 27 international experts drawn from recent Gender Summits attempted to answer in the 2016 report, The Role of Gender-based innovations for the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  The report demonstrates the need to apply a gender lens to all SDGs, beyond the dedicated “gender equality” SDG 5, raising awareness of how sex-gender difference effects can impact on quality of measures used to promote better health, alleviate hunger, eliminate poverty, protect natural ecosystems and biodiversity, create societal wellbeing, and develop sustainable technologies.

Building on a long time collaboration with Portia Ltd on “Scenario Building for Early Career Researchers” and Portia’s driving role in the Gender Summits, this new partnership will enable Portia to advance sex-gender sensitive research, innovation, development and deeper understanding through a series of annual SDG reports and the creation of a Gender Summit Consortium.  The consortium will aim to engage the Gender Summit community to map trends and indicators to promote the adoption and measure the impact of gender sensitive approaches in research, innovation and development.