Childbearing in radiology training and early career: Challenges, opportunities, and finding the best time for you

Elsevier, Clinical Imaging, Volume 86, June 2022
Bass R.Z., Woodard S.A., Colvin S.D., Zarzour J.G., Porter K.K., Canon C.L.

For many women, radiology residency occurs during the childbearing years and they often question when is the best time to have children. Anxiety regarding fertility and pregnancy-related complications contribute to early career burnout in women physicians and many have fertility regrets. Supporting radiologists in training and early in their career as they navigate pregnancy and childbearing is critical to achieving a diverse workforce and leadership. Herein, we explore career-related challenges of childbearing and highlight opportunities for radiologists in residency, fellowship, and early in their career, so that they can make an informed childbearing decision.