Comprehensive evaluation of urban garden afforestation based on PLS-SEM path

Elsevier, Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, Volume 126, June 2022
Wang B.

The paper has comprehensively studied and evaluated urban garden afforestation, which integrated a comprehensive index-system to evaluate including ecological environment benefit, economic benefit, and social benefit, as well as deduced the Algorithm of PLS-SEM (Partial least squares – structural equation modeling) path evaluation model about comprehensive assessment. Afforestation in urban areas results in the reduction of local biodiversity, the potentially invasive species, and lost revenue from agriculture. Advanced planning and management could allow the coexistence of urban forestry and nature. The paper took the urban garden afforestation in Harbin as a case study and conducted a single-dimensional test and reliability and validity test on the construction of evaluation index system, and also verified its scientificity. On this basis, we obtained relevant parameters of middle-external structure and internal structure in the PLS-SEM path model, as well as the integrated level of urban garden afforestation in Harbin. The observational outcomes study the comprehensive evaluation of urban garden afforestation and the evaluation index system of urban garden afforestation is constructed.