A critical review of the current progress of plastic waste recycling technology in structural materials

Elsevier, Current Opinion in Green and Sustainable Chemistry, Volume 40, April 2023
Naderi Kalali E., Lotfian S., Entezar Shabestari M., Khayatzadeh S., Zhao C., Yazdani Nezhad H.

One of the main environmentally threatening factors is plastic waste which generates in great quantity and causes severe damage to both inhabitants and the environment. Commonly, plastic waste generated on the land ends up in water bodies, resulting in detrimental solid impacts on the aquatics via poisoning and flooding the marine ecosystem. Exploring various approaches to convert plastic wastes into new products known as an efficient way to manage them and to enhance the sustainability of the environment, discussed in this article. Moreover, the limitation of the application of plastic waste for construction purposes is also considered. It is wind up that the usage of plastic waste for construction purposes will significantly rectify the sustainability of our environment and also be regarded as a trustworthy source of materials for applying in conventional materials such as concrete and asphalt.