Demystifying global climate models for use in the life sciences

Elsevier, Trends in Ecology and Evolution, Volume 38, September 2023
Schoeman D.S., Gupta A.S., Harrison C.S., Everett J.D., Brito-Morales I., Hannah L. et al.

For each assessment cycle of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), researchers in the life sciences are called upon to provide evidence to policymakers planning for a changing future. This research increasingly relies on highly technical and complex outputs from climate models. The strengths and weaknesses of these data may not be fully appreciated beyond the climate modelling community; therefore, uninformed use of raw or preprocessed climate data could lead to overconfident or spurious conclusions. We provide an accessible introduction to climate model outputs that is intended to empower the life science community to robustly address questions about human and natural systems in a changing world.